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2017 - Jekyll and Hyde

Even before our second production of Jesus Christ Superstar came to an end, there was much discussion about what, if anything would come next. Our idea had caught the public’s imagination; we have enabled local community involvement in a large-scale project that also raised funds for this beautiful Cathedral – but only with the considerable effort from an army of volunteers. In the discussions behind the scenes, we recognised that taking a break – though desirable – would risk losing three years of momentum and support. Struggling to think of (and gain permission for) something as popular as Superstar, we created a short list. After some time, the Cathedral’s Chapter made a bold decision, selecting a show that might be viewed as a risky choice with only a super social understanding of the subject matter. Mark Hocknull, the former Chancellor of the Cathedral, has explained in the brochure why it was also the right choice – at least in terms of material – to engage the audience in one of the church’s fundamental missions by exploring the di cult questions surrounding good, evil and redemption. In presenting the ‘black and white’ extremes of these concepts, Jekyll & Hyde more interestingly exposes the many shades of grey that we must negotiate daily on a social and personal level. The story essentially deals with moral choices in the face of dark impulses. Dr Jekyll runs the gamut of deadly sins; perhaps ‘pride’ is the one that leads to his ruin. When I re-read and researched the powerful, complex
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 A massive thank you for allowing us to rehearse and store costumes
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